Dr. Robert Wimpelberg

Dr. Robert K. Wimpelberg


Title: Professor Emeritus & Executive Director, All Kids Alliance

Department: All Kids Alliance; Curriculum and Instruction;

Office Number: 434 FH

Phone: 713-743-5048

Fax: 713-743-9870

Email: rwimpelberg@uh.edu

Research Interests:

Comprehensive "Cradle to Career" planning for children and youth
Effective leadership in schools
Effective leadership in school districts


Recent Publications:

Book Chapters

2010 Wimpelberg, R.K.
Cradle-to-Career: New Systems Thinking and the Greater Houston Model. In What do Teachers Need to Know and Be Able to Do in Tomorrow’s Schools? (pp. 109-115). Chicago: National Evaluation Systems.

2008 Wimpelberg, R.K.
The Greater Houston P-16+ Council: Systemic Pathways to Birth-to-Career Access and Success. Putting a Stop to Dropouts. Coalition of Urban Serving Universities, the Urban Educator Corps, and the Center for Urban Education at the University of Cincinnati.

1993 Wimpelberg, R.K.
Principals' roles in stable and changing schools. In C. Teddlie & S. Stringfield, Schools make a difference: Lessons learned from a 10-year study of school effects (pp. 165-186). New York: Teachers College Press.

1992 Miron, L.F., and Wimpelberg, R.K. The role of school boards in the governance of education. In P.F. First and H.J. Walberg (Eds.), School boards: Changing local control (pp. 151-175). Volume in the Contemporary Issues Series, National Society for the Study of Education. Berkeley, CA: McCutchan.

1992 Miron, L.F., First, P.F., and Wimpelberg, R.K.
Equity, adequacy, and educational need: The courts and urban school finance. In J.G. Cibulka, R.J. Reed, and K.K. Wong (Eds.), The politics of urban education in the United States (pp. 181-191). London: Falmer Press.

1990 Wimpelberg, R.K.
The inservice development of principals: A new movement, its characteristics, and future. In P. Thurston & L. Lotto (Eds.), Advances in educational administration, vol. 1, part B (pp. 73-119). Greenwich, CT: JAI Press.

Journal Articles

2008 Wimpelberg, R.K.
The Greater Houston P-16+ Council: Systemic Pathways to Birth-to-Career Access and Success. Metropolitan Universities: An International Forum 19 (4), 18-22.

1997 Wimpelberg, R.K.
Superintending: The Undeniable Politics and Indefinite Effects of School District Leadership. American Journal of Education 105 (May), 319-345.

1992 Hallinger, P., and Wimpelberg, R.K. New settings and changing norms for principal development. Urban Review, 24 (1), 1-21.

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Book Review

2002 Wimpelberg, R.K., and McClellan, A.
Review of Smulyan, L. (2000) Balancing Acts: Women Principals at Work. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press. In American Journal of Education, 109 (3), 401-406.



B.A. in Russian Language & Literature, Yale University, 1968
Ph.D. in Administrative, Institutional & Policy Studies, University of Chicago, 1981